When it comes to labeling bottles it can be tricky to find the perfect size and shape of labels, proper materials and appropriate designs.

First of all the cylinder shape bottles, jars etc. are rarely exactly cylindrical and it makes the labeling a real challenge: you may need a special shape die to create the perfect label that will fit your particular jar or bottle.  AAA Label factory has a proprietary software that will create the exact required label shape for any geometrical cylinder/cone shape.

Second, moisture, cold, heat, water may be in contact with the label. To guarantee durability, the nature of the label material and finishing needs to be carefully selected. But the right material needs to remain cost effective.

Finally the application is critical.  Custom stickers in Los Angeles can be applied manually by multiple specialized companies, but for large quantities and similar in nature, the best option is probably to invest in an application machine. AAA Label factory can print your labels, make packaging recommendations and provide the label applicators.