Packaging is one of the critical parts of marketing. It is the label of a product that pulls or drives the buyers away. So, if you haven’t got the label right, your product will not sell even if it’s outstanding. In marketing, labels play a huge role in making a product sellable. Because packing of a product is what meets the eye at first, it is a seller’s single shot at interesting the buyers. There are some characteristics that a label maker focuses on to make it great. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Clear Images
Clear images always count in packaging. A company that aces in manufacturing custom vinyl stickers Los Angeles knows how important image clarity is in labeling. It is one of the first things that attract a buyer. That’s why we always recommend to use Vector Art, or a PDF with a high resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI).

Bold Colors
Bold doesn’t mean fuchsia or neon orange and such colors, not that there is any restraints against using them in labels. Bold colors in labelling refers to vivid colors that easily catch the eye. It is the choice of colors that makes a product or service stand out or blend in.

Put the Benefits First
You want your readers to know that merits of your product or service. So, put them at first before everything else. It is okay to flaunt the benefits a little for it makes a product or service shine.

Shape and Size
Whether its custom embossed foil stickers or car decals, you do not want to neglect the size and shape of the label. They draw attention as much as miss it. So, you want to be careful when deciding on their shapes and sizes.

The Barcode
Lastly, you may need to add a barcode to your label or create barcode labels. Too often these come as an afterthought, and lack the quality and a clarity required by large retailers, with the risk of being financially penalized if the barcode does not scan or is difficult to scan. Our recommendations: make sure that you have Vector Art barcode, respect the minimum size requirement, and allow enough space for the “quiet zone”.