In an attempt to open access to complete information for buyers, FDA announced some changes to packaged food labels in 2016. The announcement came on May 20th of the same year, wherein the board declared that all packaged food companies are now mandated to provide scientific information in their food labels, for example, the connection between a certain diet and obesity, heart diseases and other chronic conditions.

This reform was made solely in the interest of the buyers who often, due to lack of definite information end up making poor diet choices which are at odds with their existing health conditions. The final rules of this reform were published a week later on May, 27th, 2016.

As obesity plagues nations finding victims in people of all ages, this change designed by FDA will help companies cater curated information to their buyers and help buyers learn more about nuances like calories per serving size, the content of vitamins, fat, potassium and other minerals. FDA advices the companies to also add a footnote to the label in benefit of the buyers advising them on the suitable calorie intake percentage a day.

In addition to the said thing, the rule also requires companies to present a nutrients chart at the back of their products that clearly states the percentage of vitamins, fats, minerals, and sugars. Trans fat, saturated fat, total fat, etc., need to be put out separately on the label for the buyers. The compliance date of the changed FDA label rule extends from July 26th of 2018 to January 1st of 2020.

After concurring that the label in use till 2016 was 20 years too backdated, FDA arrived at the decision of renewing it. The refreshed design is expected to help buyers make informed choices when it comes to buying packaged foods and hopefully, it will lead to a healthier population.

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